Safeguarding the interests of future generations, while meeting the needs of the present generation

Responsibly feed the world and protect the planet

Sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything we do at KI Chemicals – and has done for years. The reason is simple. We don’t want to be successful in a world where the ice caps melt; coral is decimated; millions are left homeless and destitute due to climate change; while hundreds of millions remain undernourished. It was humans that caused this situation. But we really do have the power to change it. This mission is what guides us every day toward our vision of a collaborative society; a world without hunger; a planet respected. 

Our view on marine litter

Plastic marine litter destroys coral reefs and severely impacts marine life. The economic cost is also enormous, with the UN Environment Programme releasing a report by Trucost estimating the global economic impact at USD 13 billion annually. This includes the costs of beach and harbour clean-ups and damage to the tourism and fishing industries. Finally, plastic waste in the ocean damages the image of the chemicals industry and dilutes the many positive contributions that plastics make to society.

A commitment to responsibility in the chemical industry

KI Chemicals, a signatory of the Responsible Care® Global Charter, is committed to implementing the Responsible Care® guidelines. The company has established a Responsible Care® policy including guiding principles for group-wide implementation. All KI Chemicals employees are expected to apply these principles in their daily work life and internal audits are carried out on a regular basis to ensure effective implementation.

Healthy environment and a stable society

KI Chemicals’ prosperity is closely aligned with the progress of the communities in which it operates. Building good and trusting relationships with local communities through social engagement is therefore a core element of Ki Chemicals’ sustainability strategy and the company established the KI Chemicals Social Fund, to put this commitment into action. To maximise its impact, KI Chemicals concentrates its social engagement on three areas:


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